How to choose the cutter of coal mining machine

        Shearer cutter is the preferred cutter of many mining enterprises.In fact, there are many kinds of cutting teeth of coal mining machine, such as cutter-shaped cutting teeth and pick type cutting teeth. Different cutting teeth have different working performance.In the face of a variety of mining teeth, the enterprise how to choose the teeth?

        Knife-shaped teeth: the shape and structure of knife-shaped teeth are similar to the shape of a knife, so they are named knife-shaped.The biggest advantage of the cutter is that it can excavate the coal mine and cut the deep coal mine rock effectively.Why knife?This type of cutter is sharp as a knife and can be used for digging. 

        Pick type cutting teeth: pick type cutting teeth are round in shape. When excavating coal mine, the contact area is very small, so the force is large and the coal mine can be excavated quickly.This type of cutting tooth is the most selected cutting tooth, which can not only achieve the ideal mining purpose, but also has a long service life. 

        Compared with two different kinds of teeth, each has its own advantages.If the mining enterprises need to choose the shearer cutter, should pay attention to the following aspects.

        The first: shearer cutting tooth model shearer cutting tooth model and equipment to be the same, only the appropriate model to play a role in cutting teeth.If the type of the cutter does not match the equipment, the selection of the cutter is worthless.Enterprises in the purchase of cutting teeth, must know the model of the shearer equipment, so as to choose the right cutting teeth.

        Coal mining needs to be supported by a variety of equipment. Different jobs require different cutting teeth. Therefore, before selecting cutting teeth, it is necessary to understand the coal mining needs. 

        The 3rd: when equipment performance chooses shearer cut tooth, must assure the performance of shearer equipment, only good performance, ability assures shearer to work normally.If the equipment performance is not good or there are defects, it will affect the performance of the equipment.Therefore, the choice of teeth must be careful.




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