Super economical cutting drum of new coal mining machine

        Some problems about the cutting head of roadheader: the cutting drum has low cutting efficiency and short service life.Does the tooth break easily?Low strength and easy to break or wear?In view of these headache problems, after many years of practice and verification, under the existing conditions has been effectively solved cutting drum short service life, cutting efficiency is low, tooth base easy to wear or fall off and other problems.

The cutting head of the new roadheader is modified in the following aspects:

        Tooth holder

        The tooth base is made of high strength material, which effectively solves the problem of low strength and poor welding strength of the original tooth base.Laser cladding technology is adopted on the surface of the tooth base, which can reduce the wear of the tooth base by cladding high wear resistant alloy in the easily worn parts.Customized simulation design of tooth arrangement and unique profile design of tooth base reduce cutting resistance.

        Spiral blade

        The screw blade made of imported bimetallic chromium carbide wear-resisting composite material can greatly improve the wear-resisting performance and reduce the cutting resistance.Hard alloy beans are affixed to the big end and root of the cutting drum with severe wear, which greatly alleviates its impact wear.

Manufacturing process

        Robot positioning assembly, spot welding, and multi-robot coordination control are adopted to solve the problem that the manufacturing error of tooth base positioning cannot be controlled in the manual welding process, and the multi-layer and multi-channel automatic welding between cutting roller body and tooth base of different models.The welding positioning accuracy of cutting drum tooth seat is improved to 0.1mm to achieve accurate and efficient cutting.It makes the cutting drum flexible manufacturing, realizes highly efficient and personalized customization, greatly improves the welding quality of the cutting drum and the tooth base, reduces the energy consumption of the cutting drum, and improves the operating environment of the cutting drum.




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